samedi 21 avril 2012

Ref W Antique Edwardian 19.40 inches waist size antique corset pattern and pictures

Here i offer a pattern set including a paper pattern + several pictures of the antique corset i draft, worn and display on antique mannequin.
This is an early 1900 century edwardian S seams and curves corset.

1x2 bust gusset and 2x2 hips gussets.
The pattern is for a corset, building with 1 layer of coutil,14 verticals ribbon tapes,6x2 pattern pieces, a 28cm(11.20inches) busk...

The corset itself is not for sale.

Totaly closed 1/2 measurement are:

1/2 bust: 39 cm(15.40 inches)
1/2 waist: 24.5 cm ( 9.70 inches)
1/2 Hips at 15 cm( 6 inches) below waist line :45 cm(17.80 inches)

The pattern is drafted from my personal antique corset and i try to be as clear and complete as possible.
I draft all seams, stitchs, bone casing, busk button place, eyelet place, edges tapes....
On a paper i try to notice all détails such as bust/hips/lenghts measurements,metallic bones,
color and used material,number of layer,seams technical draws(swandwitch or one layer jeans method).

I send the paper pattern by airmail post and i send by internet file several view of the corset displayed on an historical mannequin form, showing outside but also inside of the corset.
If you manage to done reproduction of the corset, i could try to help you if you have questions as i've got the corset in hand.
Please do a mock-up museline test to adjust the antique pattern according the measurements of the person the corset will be for.
I don't mention the bones lenght to let you adjust to the final lenght of your corset on body.

Pattern for sale here or MP:

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